Would you like your company to sell more without having to recruit new staff?

Is it important for you to guarantee that your products are always available on the shelves of selected retail units, so that customers can put them into their basket any time, and if you decide so to have them promoted by the best hostesses?

All the things mentioned above are rather difficult to arrange unless you have several hundred merchandisers, sales representatives and hostesses working for you!

Would you like to work with a company with great expertise in the field of in-store marketing?

Our trade marketing agency specialises in representing partners in an outsourcing system, being at their service with sales representatives, merchandisers, hostesses and in-store data collectors in the long run or on a temporary basis.

We are working for companies which do have sales rep teams and we bring in extra workforce with our sales representatives. This way we can take the products of our partners to retail units which they normally do not reach because for them it is not worth it to operate a permanent team for this purpose.

We are also working for companies which completely outsource their sales representative tasks to us.

Most of our partners use teams of external experts for all of their merchandising and hostess activities.

It is us who manage and control the work of our employees and we make sure that we achieve the goals set by our partners, e.g. increasing sales, improving distribution, reducing out of stock and familiarising as many shoppers as possible with the products of our partners.

In the domain of in-store, point-of-sale advertising our company is not the biggest player and not the cheapest one either.

If you would like to work with a trade marketing agency with annual sales revenue of several billion forints or if you are looking for a partner company which charges some hundreds of forints per store for a sales rep visit, we are not the kind of partner you want.

Being a medium-sized company, customers are truly important for us. We don’t provide service to many partners at the same time but we do our best for those we are working with.

We work with the best price/value ratio in the field of in-store marketing and often achieve results that partners – later they admit – didn’t even dream about. We work hard and for us it is not simply a slogan that our thinking is based on what our partners have in mind. For us partners’ interests are the number one priority, but at the same time we love what we do and it is a real pleasure for us if we reach or surpass the goals defined by our partners.

Our experts have been working in trade marketing for more than 15 years. They used to work as sales and trade marketing executives for firms such as Colgate-Palmolive, Heineken, Coca-Cola and Reynolds Tobacco.

This is one of the reasons why we are able to ‘think with the head of partners’ – our colleagues have brought this skill with them to the ‘agency side’.