In the field of sales support we are the exclusive representative of one of the world’s leading firms, CPM ( (a member of the OMNICOM GROUP) in Hungary.

CPM is present all over the world, working on five continents, providing services to global and local partners.

Some data on CPM: in just one year in the retail sector we

  • conduct 19 million shop visits,
  • make 8.7 million telemarketing phone calls,
  • work 750,000 promotional days,
  • have 25,000 employees and subcontractors participate in our work,
  • generate sales in the value of USD 2 billion for our partners.

If we work with a new multinational partner, we can exchange experiences with our international sister companies to see how they work together with the given partner in their country, what the keys to success are and how we can help each other.

When working with a global partner, CPM offices cooperate to plan and develop the strategy for performing a long- or a short-term task.