If you would like to know whether shop assistants recommend your product or promotion, or whether they say the things to shoppers that your company asked them to say, you can use our Mystery Shopping service: we visit the shop as a Mystery Shopper, without revealing our identity. Afterwards we prepare an analysis of what we have experienced and are happy to give advice to you based on the results.
If you are interested in what the situation is in-store and on the shelves but you don’t have enough capacity to survey it, consider outsourcing this task to us:

We do in-store, point of sale surveys regularly or on occasional basis, collecting information about everything partners want to know:

  • price survey for 20-30 or even several hundred items
  • on-shelf availability and product presence reports
  • measuring the shelf space share of partners’ and their competitors’ products
  • examining the on-shelf position of products (eye level, shopper access, etc.)
  • in-store presence of promotional material.

If our partner has permission from a retail network or store, we conduct shopper interviews.

We can perform surveys and do mystery shopping jobs in any kind of retail unit of each and every town or village in Hungary.

Surveys can be conducted once or weekly, monthly or at other regular intervals.

You can ask for a price quotation for in-store surveys.