Have you had enough of your product disappearing from the shelves of hypermarkets in the busiest periods?

Do stores run out of your product if you sell a lot and they disappear from the shelves if you sell little because stores don’t order enough?

Is there always some kind of trouble with the merchandising agency?

Our partners are satisfied with the service we provide. We have been able to improve the on-shelf availability of our partners’ products and in most cases we have been able to increase their shelf space share.

Our merchandisers do a good job and we pay attention to managing and supervising their work.

It is not by accident that most of our partners have been working with us for more than five years. They wouldn’t like to switch to another company.

Our merchandisers work in all the stores of the

  • Auchan
  • Insterspar
  • Tesco
  • Metro

retail chains, all over the country, or on demand in the supermarkets of Hungarian-owned retail chains.

Our merchandisers work at least 6-8 hours a day in the store they are assigned to.

When our partner’s goods arrive, our merchandisers replenish the shelves and refrigerators. Between two deliveries they tidy up the shelves, check standard and promotional prices and have them corrected if necessary.

They assemble the displays and replenish secondary product placements.

In an ideal case we receive a planogram from our partners. We use the planogram as a blueprint for placing the products on the shelves. If there is no planogram, the written and verbal instructions of our partners guide us in preserving the shelf space share of products.

We always manage to preserve the shelf space share of our partners; what is more, in most cases we are even able to increase this share!

Having accepted a new job, we first survey the on-shelf availability of the partner’s products and after 3 months it can clearly be seen that in comparison with the initial status the partner’s stock availability level has improved; later regular surveys justify this improvement!

Our merchandisers write reports in PDA or paper format. We send the summary of these reports on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis to our partners or by using their password they can download it from our website.

Every three months we prepare a comprehensive analysis of the trends and experiences.

22 supervisors (located in every county seat and in Budapest) are responsible for the work performance of our merchandisers all over the country. They check the replenished shelves, randomly examine the expiry date of the goods our colleagues have placed on the shelves and discuss store peculiarities with the merchandisers.

We have developed a training programme for our merchandisers, which teaches them how shoppers move about in-store, how they behave, which are the hot and cold spots of stores, how merchandisers can avoid on-shelf unavailability and what are the basic principles of shelf replenishment.

You can ask for a price quotation or for information about how we can help your work.