Hostess promotions

Do you prefer tasting grocery products if smiling hostesses offer them to you, hostesses who like their work and radiate positive energy? Is it more likely that you will buy the products from hostesses or hosts like this than from someone who doesn’t even talk to shoppers?

We select hostesses who like to sell and know how to sell, no matter what kind of product we are talking about. They communicate well, they are friendly and attractive.

Not all of our partners want perfect beauties, more and more often their demand is to have housewife-type women contact shoppers in-store.

It is needless to say that we also work with supermodel-types hostesses if that is what our partners want.

We also have hostesses who speak fluent English and German and can work for you in any part of the country.

We organise tasting sessions and product promotions in

  • Auchan
  • CBA
  • Insterspar, Spar
  • Tesco
  • Metro

stores all over the country, and in the supermarkets of Hungarian-owned retail chains.

We do promotions and sample distributions in shopping centres, malls, office buildings, universities and in other public places.

In these cases we can also take care of arranging the authorisation for such activities, we are familiar with the demands, fees and authorisation procedures of shopping malls and municipalities (for promotions in public places).

In the Interspar and Spar network we are one of the 4 agencies with exclusive rights to implement hostess promotions.

Since 2005 our company has had exclusive rights to organise tasting sessions for Spar’s private label products in Interspar and Spar stores.

Since we have hostesses living in each county seat, bigger and smaller town we don’t have to pay for their travel costs when they work, by this reducing our partners’ costs significantly.

22 supervisors oversee the work of hostesses. We have developed a training programme especially for supervisors to teach them all they need to know for their work. They use checklists to see if everything is alright with the promotion.

We organise interactive training sessions for hostesses where they can learn the theory of their work and use role-playing to practice communicating with shoppers and selling. In cooperation with our partners, we specify the dos and don’ts of managing shopper complaints.

After the promotions we prepare a summary report and analysis on sales and experiences for our partners.

You can ask for a price quotation for implementing a promotion for you.